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High-Paying Jobs To Kickstart Freelance Career (Part 4)

We’ll tell about 3 trending jobs that might look strange and hard at first. But they are not so scary, and these are very high-paying jobs!

World Refugee Day: Information for Ukrainian refugees

June 20 is World Refugee Day. Where to find help for 5.1 million Ukrainian refugees across Europe and 8+ million displaced people.

Finally! Upwork Proposals Analytics

On June 1st they resumed the test of Upwork Performance Analytics. And we are soooo excited! Want to know why? Read in the post

Who are “Anywhere Workers” and how to become them?

Freelancers, remote workers, gig-workers… Let's see what's interesting in a new report and how the Anywhere Workers differ from the rest

Upwork Job Filters Update

Did you notice Upwork Job Filters are being tested for job search starting May 23? Read what benefits it brings to freelancers!

Upwork Picks. What is the update and our observations

Starting May 23rd, Upwork is testing an algorithm that badges successful projects as Upwork Picks in Project Catalog. What does it mean?

Upwork Academy

Did you know about Upwork Academy with courses designed to help freelancers succeed on the platform? Read a short overview in the post!

Geography of Remote Work. Report from Upwork Summary

This remote work report goal is to understand the extent to which people are moving due to remote work. Based on 23k+ people survey in the US

Important update for Upwork clients

Starting end of March Upwork began unrolling a new pricing structure for clients (NOT freelancers). Read about what changed in the post!

How to Find a Job Abroad for Ukrainians

Millions need a job abroad for Ukrainians. Some have fled the country, and others lost their jobs in Ukraine. Here's a list of websites!

Upwork Credly Update

A new Upwork Credly update is live. You can now add a certification to your profile automatically. Let’s talk about what it means?

3 High Paying Freelance Jobs You Didn't Know About

Today we’ll tell about High Paying Freelance Jobs you can learn in a few months and start earning good money in just half a year.

How to organize your intense lifestyle during war

How to organize your intense lifestyle during war and stay productive? Tips from a psychotherapist (and Etcetera HR).

Volunteer for Ukraine

Volunteer for Ukraine - a list of resources for foreigners who would like to help during the Russian invasion.

3 Negotiator Types

3 Negotiator Types: earn your opponent's trust and learn what you need to know to influence their thought process. Guide by Chriss Voss.

Online professions to start a freelance career

FREE courses for Ukrainians: Online professions to learn a new online profession and start earning in a few weeks!

Etcetera Winter 2022 in Numbers

Etcetera Winter 2022 in Numbers: We are trying to remain in an effective mode in Etcetera despite everything that’s going on in Ukraine.

Emotional Health During War

Emotional health during war is important to regain control over your life, so that we fight and face the victory in a good emotional state.

Upwork Practical Recommendations for a Quick Start

Watch 2 webinars hosted by experts with 8 years of experience with Upwork practical recommendations on starting a freelance career.

Upwork Supports Ukrainian Freelancers

Upwork Supports Ukrainian Freelancers: Last week, they released new product features to help with payments, communication & reputation.

Information security during war

March 16th is freedom of information day. So, today’s post is a list of rules and tips on the Information security during war.

Help chats for Ukrainians in Europe

Help chats for Ukrainians in Europe. Find housing, document information, and other useful tips in different EU countries.

Working during war

From the bomb shelters, from western villages or from outside the border, every one of us is working during war as much as we can to win.

Services for finding housing in Europe for Ukrainians

List of services for finding housing in Europe for Ukrainians. Both free and paid, in many countries, including Poland, Germany, Slovakia etc

How to help Ukraine

Share this post with your friends and clients abroad who are looking for ways how to help Ukraine. Stand with Ukraine!

Stand with Ukraine

Everyone in our team shares Ukrainian values of the highest integrity. We can’t stay aside, and we will do everything in our power to help

2021 Edelman Trust Barometer. Impact on employment

2021 Edelman Trust Barometer found that employer media is more believable than the government, media, or large corporations!

Prepare for negotiation with 7:1 return on time saved

Here is a short plan on how to effectively prepare for negotiation, whether it’s the first call with a client, or an FBI hostage situation.

Upwork My Network Update. And what freelancers think

Starting December, Upwork My Network feature is being tested to allow freelancers to grow relationships that can lead to bigger projects.

Etcetera Is Changing For The Better

Etcetera is changing: We’ve made a few important role changes to our agency processes and we would like to keep you in the loop.

Hedgehog Concept: How to beat the market with

Hedgehog Concept helped companies to generate stock returns 6.9 times over the market, beating Coca-Cola, Intel, GE, and Wal-Mart.

LinkedIn Marketing: algorithms and recommendations.

LinkedIn Marketing tips for small businesses and freelancers, who focus on results and don’t have the budget for large scale advertising.

High Paying Online Jobs To Kickstart Career in 2022

A list of High Paying Online Jobs that require minimal training. Get hired right after passing a course or during learning.

Why ‘Gig work’ is not so GIG any more.

A report from Upwork discovered a shift away from ‘gig work’ in freelance. Why do people freelance, and how is it working for them?

Upwork Feedback: Everything Freelancer Needs to Know

Based on 7+ years of our agency experience with 40+ team members, we’ve developed a working strategy on how to get perfect Upwork feedback.

Freelance Career-Change Tips for Transitions on the Freelance Journey

These tips will help you move from a corporate job to freelancing or upscale in your freelance business

Upwork Paid Consultations - Another Way to Earn

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding The New Feature & Using It To Boost Your Income In 2022

2021 News & Biggest Surprises

What are the new, trending (and sometimes surprising) niches you can benefit from in 2022?

Write a Business Plan Challenge. 4. Executive summary

Today, you will summarize everything from the first 3 parts of the Business Plan Challenge and write a short high-level executive summary.

Etcetera Autumn In Numbers

Join in our traditional All-Hands Meeting Post to discuss the recent news & Etcetera’s accomplishments for the last quarter of 2021.

Write a Business Plan Challenge. 3. Company

You’ve reached the third step of creating your success plan for 2022. Today let’s write about your company (or freelance business)

Who We Are

Let's peek behind the curtains to see details about the Etcetera team today and get to know us better.

Write a Business Plan Challenge. 2. Market Opportunity

The next step of writing your Business Plan for 2022 is to find the product-market fit and best way to sell your product or service.

Upwork November Updates

Wondering what's new with Upwork? It has been working hard to improve the UI and here is the list of the most recent updates on the platform over the

Write a Business Plan Challenge. 1. Your Product.

Last week we also described our desired Point B one year from now. Now, let's make a plan on how to get there.

The Ultimate Offboarding Plan

Here is the plan we at Etcetera follow to make offboarding fast, stress-free, and efficient.

Writing Your 2022 Business Plan Challenge. Join Us!

1st in a series of posts, helping any freelancer, business owner, or an aspiring entrepreneur write their own complete business plan for the next year

Dos and Don'ts For Working With Start-ups

Are startup clients, in fact, unreliable and unpredictable? Our designer Petro will share his 6-year experience of working with startups

10 Steps To Your Designer Portfolio Case That Works

Here are 10 effective steps that will make sure your portfolio cases work.

Let's talk about feelings? Employing Remotely In 2021 Report Review.

The impact of pandemics on everyone's work is old news. But are employees confused or happy about the change? We rarely see any data on that.

Secret To Physical, Mental Health & Professional Performance

7 Reasons Why Good Sleep Is Important. How To Improve Your Sleep Routine and How Long You Need To Sleep

Loom Integration In Upwork Messages. What's the use?

For over a month Upwork has been testing Loom integration. And starting November 9th all freelancers and clients can use Loom in their messages.

5 Powerful TED Talks On Personal Brand For Entrepreneurs

We've added the speaker background a short quotation for each video to make it easy for you to find the most relevant speech.

Are You Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Business?

Targeting white-collar or #B2B segments with your product? Discover an effective and budget-efficient way to scale and establish market leadership.

Trick Or Treat: The Horrors Of Hiring Freelancers

What if you wake up tomorrow and all the horrors and prejudice of hiring freelancers comes true?

How To Effectively Combine Freelance & Office. And Stay Sane

Here is a list of working tips that will help you stay efficient and happy combining office and freelance work

How to prepare for an interview. Does the freelancer really get it?

Do you want to make sure the freelancer understands what you need? Follow this interview structure from our article.

Onboarding Best Practices

Building the perfect team does not end with recruiting the right people. This is a checklist with onboarding practices you can use for your company.

Savings Day

October 12 is National Savings Day in the US, let's use the occasion today to improve our financial habits.

Customer Service Week 2021

How to get loyal customers. 7 Step process based on Jill Griffin's book "Custome loyalty"

Upwork Future Workforce Report 2021

Insights for US Businesses

Online Board Games. Remote kind of fun.

If you share our love for board games and want to have fun with your team, here are the top recommendations from the Etcetera team

Etcetera Summer In Numbers

The summer of 2021 was full of events and wins for Etcetera. It is time to sum up our accomplishments in the traditional Etcetera in Numbers post

The Complex Art of Recruiting in Etcetera

Today we want to peek behind the curtain of recruiting and explain how we manage to stay such a united community.

Happy Hobbit Day

Happy Hobbit Day to all our fellow Tolkien fans. How do you celebrate it? - Read in our post!

Upwork Availability Badge

Freelancer feedback after 1 month in use

How To Hire A Great Project Manager

Project managers play a distinct, critical role in the success and profitability of your business. Read more about PMs in our post!

'Eat That Frog' Procrastination Tips

Our today post is a list of super valuable tips from a book on how to fight procrastination.

E-learning Opportunities For Freelancers

August 31 is the day to celebrate learning outside the traditional classroom - World Distance Learning Day. What opportunities does it bring?

Upwork Update: Scheduling Meetings

Upwork keeps working on improving communication both for the clients and talent. Scheduling calls has become even easier now with its new update.

How to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

Whether you require a compelling landing page, a short ad tagline, or a winning pitch deck, it all means you need a good copywriter.

Upwork New Filters in Job Search

For the last 4 months, Upwork has been testing two New Filters in Job Search for freelancers. Read more about Rate and Multiple Freelancers Filters

7 years since start. Becoming who we are

Hey! This is Denys, the founder of Etcetera. This Sunday was 7 years since I clicked the button «Create Agency» on Upwork.

A Story From The Agency Life

Let us tell you a story today. We had a client recently who came to us asking to redesign his website and copy their competitor's site...

Working Like a Dog? Today is Your Day!

"Working like a dog" means working on something very hard without taking any breaks. The day is celebrated on August 5

The Gig-Economy: Impact and Trends

Here are a few trends of gig-economy we picked from the Payoneer industry tips and World Economic Forum Job Recess Summit insights

Science Fiction or Reality? The Writer Who Predicted Freelance

Today we want to tell you about a writer, who among other things, predicted freelance!

3 Tips For Hiring The Best Logo Designer

Choosing a logo designer can be frustrating. Here are tips to find a perfect logo designer for your first logo or identity redesign.

10 Books To Become a Better Freelancer

Today we want to make a list of books that can help you become a better freelancer, and accomplish more while enjoying the ride.

Working While Traveling. Tips From Head of New Bizz Development

Kristina has gathered a few tips that help her a lot and maybe you will find them useful as well for working on travels.

Freelancer Job Referrals on Upwork

Starting June 28 Freelancer Job Referrals are now available to ALL freelancers. Read what it is and how it works in the article.

Essentialism Tips for Workaholics

Here are a few tips based on Greg McKeown's book Essentialism that will help you work less yet accomplish more.

Freelance Working Mom Tips

10 members of the Etcetera team are working moms. Today we want to share their secrets for effectiveness and time management.

Skill Certification Explained

Upwork recently added new skills to the list of those eligible for Upwork Skill Certifications. We've added the whole list of changes and the details

10 Movies Freelancers Can Relate To

How do you relax? The answer for most of us will include watching movies and series. So, today, we have a list of 10 movies that you may enjoy.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Developer

According to Evans Data Corporation, there are 26.9 M developers worldwide. Now imagine you want to find a perfect developer for your project.

Etcetera Spring In Numbers

We all gathered once again for a quarterly Etcetera Agency All-Hands meeting to discuss Spring 21 accomplishments, future plans, and hot issues.

Google It!
 The Smart Way to Search

Today we'd like to share some tips that will save your time and effort trying to find what you need in Google.

Upwork 2020 Report Review. Making the World Better Together

We only operate on Upwork because it creates a sustainable environment where our agency and members can fulfil their best potential.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Freelance Designer

Finding a perfect designer for your project does not have to mean getting into details of the design industry. 5 tips to hire the right person

How Personal Responsibility Helps Etcetera Team Reach Better Results

Personal responsibility for the results is one of Etcetera main work principles. We believe it makes our members super-efficient.

The Right Way to Look at Freelance Profiles.

Useful tips about what to pay attention to in the freelancers' profile descriptions. Save your time & headache on Upwork.

Trending JSS. New Calculations Factor

Trending JSS = average JSS for the past 6 months + average JSS for the past 3 months, then divided in half.

Client - Freelancer. First Touchpoint

First impressions matter, right? So today we would like to describe the process of the first touchpoint with clients in Etcetera.

Freelance Superpowers

What makes a freelancer a superhero? We asked this question to our team and here is the funniest list of their responses

Mentor. Mediator. Coordinator. And more...

We have already told you about almost all internal positions in our team. There is one left - Contract Coordinator (CC)

How to Write a Job Post That Gets the Right Freelancers

When you post a job on Upwork, your goal is attracting the right type of freelancers to your project, right? Here are tips for that

Upwork Top Web Designer Profile

Upwork published an article about 10 Upwork Profile Examples That Will Help You Get Clients. Guess who was featured as the Top Web Designer Profile?

How to Find a SEO Specialist

Basic Checklist to find a qualified SEO specialist on freelance platforms if you don't know much about search optimization.

Emails & Messages. The Right Way

Today, we decided to create a list of phrases you should NOT use in your business correspondence and what you should better use instead.

Get the Most Of Upwork

Upwork can give you more than most users know about. Read more in the article about Business Resources on Upwork.

Finding the Best Match

Today we want to peek inside the agency processes and discover one of the things that make Etcetera so efficient - Lead Generation Managers.

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique dates back to the late 1980s. But it is still very much working now - over 150 thousand people search for it globally every month

How to NOT Describe a Project

7 Common Mistakes When Setting a Task for Freelance (or not freelance) Developer

Etcetera Expertise

The expertise of Etcetera agency is deep and extensive. Over 6 years, we have grown to be a reliable partner that can cover multiple areas & projects.

Etcetera Winter 20-21 Achievements

Every quarter Etecetera team has an All-Hands meeting. We discuss our achievements, current issues, and all important things over the 3 months.

On the Same Page

How to make a technical task for a designer. Useful tips collected over the years of experience in freelancing (and specifically design).

Upwork Changes for Design & Creative

Changes have recently been made to the Design & Creative category. This is not a major update, but since Design is our major, we will cover It here.

All the Way Through

What our clients think about Etcetera. A short interview with our client Dominique Frossard.

We have your back. And leg

Did you know Etcetera has an internal position called Profile Assistant? PAs help our agency run smoothly and efficiently day after day.

Etcetera New Brand Identity

We are proud to present to you a new brand identity for Etcetera agency! This is something we have wanted to do for a long time.

Freelancer Opinion on Upwork Project Catalog

We think that while the catalogue may be useful for small and medium projects, it is not clear how it could work with larger work.

SMART Business Goals

After reading it you will be able to set a SMART goal for half of the aspects of your business model.

When convenience matters

Etcetera's added value is convenience. It makes clients become long-term partners. This article is about why convenience matters

Top Rated & Top Rated Plus

In order to have reasonable expectations from freelancers on Upwork, it is good to know what TOP RATED and TOP RATED PLUS are.

Freelance Freedom. Agency Edition

Let us tell you how freelance freedom in Etcetera agency works. And why it brings value to our clients to work with our freelancers.

2020 In Review

It is that time of the year again when everyone looks back to recognize accomplishments and consider losses.

Excellent Upwork Feedback

Etcetera agency receives many great reviews. Time from to time, we would like to share some of them with you.

Look at the Whole Picture Market Research

How long has it been since your last... market research? Does this question sound weird to you? Find explanation on market research in this article.

Upwork JSS

Upwork has a clear and fair system for assessing both the freelancer and the client. One of the components of this system is the Job Success Score

When a Loyal Partner Truly Matters

When you start working with Etcetera, you get a loyal partner who will help you achieve your goals.

To work or not to work.

The Weekend Dilemma or 3 Tips on How to Enjoy the Weekend.

Freelancer or more?

Why choose Etcetera instead of an individual freelancer? Many of our partners ask this question before starting to work with us. Some of our potential