Another season flew by, and Etcetera's team gathered traditionally to discuss our results and plans!

We discusses main Upwork updates from last 3 months:

  • Optional scheduled rate increases in hourly contracts – read more here:

  • Boosted Profiles. We have been testing this feature in Etcetera as soon as it became available, but we can’t say that we saw any significant results yet. Did you?

  • Upwork Chat Pro Waitlist: It’s still unclear what this entails and none of those who enrolled in the waitlist got any information. But anyway, it won’t hurt to join if you haven’t done it yet.

Team Celebrations:

  • Happy Birthday to 9 team members who had their birthdays during the fall.

  • Etcetera now is a team of 34! We welcomed new comers with worm words for everyone.

Other Etcetera Highlights:

Short Sales Funnel Update

This season we saw a slight increase in revenue, more open contracts, and new clients. Check out numbers on the image!

Market trends

Despite the usual rise in opportunities during autumn, there are 25% fewer jobs in our niche on Upwork now compared to the summer season. This could signify a more tough competition among freelancers in design and development, which we need to consider. So, we plan to grow our sales team and work on improvements to the conversion next season.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Etcetera.

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