Dispute Mediation Policy Changes on Upwork:

What to expect?

We regularly share Upwork updates in our blog, and today we're going to talk about dispute mediation policy changes and how it will affect freelancers and clients.

What’s changing?

- Upwork will only review the last 30 days of milestone payments prior to the date the customer contacted Upwork. For qualifying Fixed-Price Contracts, payments outside the 30-day window cutoff can be resolved through Arbitration.

- Either party will now have the option to pay the full Arbitration fee if one side chooses not to pay.

- Accounts will only be suspended if the Arbitration ruling isn't upheld or there is evidence of another violation of our Terms, such as fraudulent activity.

What this means for freelancers:

Some freelancers may appreciate a shorter processing time for payment disputes, as this can mean faster resolution and less uncertainty about payments. However, others may be concerned about the limitation of the verification period, especially if they encounter problems with payments made later. The option for one party to cover the full arbitration fee can be seen as both a relief and a burden, depending on individual circumstances and financial capabilities.

What this means for clients:

Clients may see a shorter review period as a positive change, as it may lead to faster resolution of disputes raised by freelancers. However, they may also be concerned about the potential need for arbitration for payments made outside the 30-day window. The option for either party to cover the full arbitration fee can provide flexibility, but it can also result in additional costs for clients if they have to cover the entire fee.

So some users may see these changes positively, seeing them as Upwork's efforts to streamline their dispute resolution processes and make them more transparent. Others may have reservations or concerns, particularly about the potential financial implications of the new arbitration fee arrangement and the limitation of the review period.

Overall, it looks like Upwork is trying to make work easier and safer for freelancers, and that's great! But as always, we need to be flexible and adapt to these changes.

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