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6 Tips from Barefoot Investor

In his book The Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape lays out 9-steps to financial freedom. Tips from Barefoot Investor​ are simple, but proven to work. Many people actually say those steps helped them get financial freedom and wealth.

Here are the first 6 Tips from Barefoot Investor:

1. Schedule a Monthly Barefoot Date Night. Get dressed up, go out to dinner and have the conversation about money strategy with your partner. Make it a regular date every month where you check your family finances.

2. Set up 3 bank account (buckets), where all your income will go to:

  • Blow – for daily expenses, the occasional splurge and some extra cash to fight financial fires.

  • Grow – to build long-term wealth and total security. Depending on your situation, set up automatic % of all income you can afford to invest.
  • Mojo – ‘safety money’. At the beginning try to save up at least for one month’s expenses. Put all additional money you get into your mojo (selling used stuff, returned depts you forgot about, freelance gigs, etc). Build up your mojo!

3. Domino Your Debts – pay them off from smallest to the largest. It will take some time if you have many loans (which many people do), but paying them off from the smallest will build up your courage and give you power to get free from debt.

4. Buy Your Home. For many people a home brings a feeling of financial stability and security. But it’s also true, that many of us don’t know where they will be living in 10-15 years from now. So, apply this step if it makes sense in your particular situation, or put it later in the list after tips 5 & 6.

5. Increase Your Super to 15. What it means is you need to start investing in a retirement fund and it’s better to invest up to 15%. Find a working tool that will help you have money after retirement.

6. Boost Your Mojo to 3 months. Do you remember the 3rd bucket from step 2? Save for up to 3 months, so you can live without stress if there is no income.

The barefoot strategy has 3 more steps, but we think it’s better to start acting on the first 6 then reading too much information and doing nothing. So, here we challenge you to start working on you finances and doing first 2 steps this week. Who’s ready?

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