High-Paying Jobs To

Kickstart Freelance Career

in 2023

In January 2022, when we were all still living in a world without war, and even without ChatGPT, we made a post with a list of High-Paying Jobs To Kickstart Freelance Career in 2022.

So much has changed since then, that we believe an update is required. Some of those jobs are not relevant, some became even more hot and others became more accessible thanks to free course opportunities that Ukrainians have.

So, here are High-Paying Jobs To Kickstart Freelance Career in 2023:

1. Prompt engineer

What it is: A prompt engineer’s role entails developing and refining AI-generated text for improved responses. Such prompts help fine-tune an ML algorithm for specific use.

Courses: You can start with a free course from DeepLearning.AI, or $19 Udemy bootcamp, but there are also plenty of more substantial courses if you really decide to pursue this job.

Estimate salary: Bloomberg says the average prompt engineering salary ranges from $175,000 to $335,000 per year. There are also 800+ open job posts on Upwork for this skill.

2. Data analyst

What it is: Data analysts gather, study, and interpret data to transform it into valuable business insights. It is used to improve business operations and foster data-driven decision-making.

Courses: There are plenty of online courses. We suggest to check out Coursera – they have Data Analyst courses from Google, IBM, and John Hopkins University.

Estimate salary: $50k–120k per year according to Indeed. Average rate on Upwork is $20–$50/hr.

3. Data scientist

What it is: A data scientist is a more advanced role than a data analyst. They have a more in-depth knowledge of machine learning algorithms, predictive modeling, and programming languages to create new ways of capturing and analyzing data.

Courses: For example, Harvard has 40 courses on Data Science, many of which are free.

Estimate salary: $92k–190k per year according to Indeed. Average rate on Upwork is $25–$50/hr.

4. Chat-bot developer

What it is: A chatbot developer is a person who develops applications that automate communication and customer services.

Courses: You can start with no coding skills using Dialogflow, Luis, or other platforms with a visual builder that simplify chatbot building. For more complex solutions, you’ll need to explore programming languages.

Estimate salary: The average salary for a Chatbot Developer is $75121 per year in US according to Glassdoor. Upwork found 600+ open job posts.

We’ll tell about AI/ML engineer, Low/No-code Developer, Cybersecurity analyst, and DevOps Engineer, so stay tuned!

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