How to find

a job abroad for Ukrainians

Millions need a a job abroad for Ukrainians now. Some have fled the country. And they need a job in the EU or other countries. Others lost their jobs in Ukraine. So, those people are looking for remote opportunities with foreign companies.

Here are helpful links that will help if you are looking for a job.

General resources for international job search:

  • – offline jobs grouped by region.
  • – biggest job search site worldwide.
  • – jobs for women with a special section for Ukraine.
  • – they added a section with remote jobs for Ukrainian refugees.
  • – networking for job search.
  • – of course, we cannot leave this post without mentioning Upwork since it’s where our agency successfully works for over 7 years now.

Special resources for a job abroad for Ukrainians​

General working tips that are important to remember when dealing with foreign employers. In order to increase your chances:

  1. Target less competitive cities
  2. Target small and medium-sized companies
  3. Position your unique skill set and focus your CV on it.
  4. Join online forums and communities.
  5. Network, network, network!

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