7 Common Mistakes When Setting a Task for Freelance (or not freelance) Developer

  1. Unclear goals and tasks

    It is very important not to just set the task, but explain why it is important and what problem the result should solve. For example, if you need a website, define how many pages you need. If you need an app, thoroughly describe all functionalities for all users etc.

  2. Little details

    Both clients and freelancers often forget that the devil is in the detail. That is why it is important to discuss all small things before the job starts. For example, does the client want to add or edit pages himself later, or should the developer do regular maintenance afterwards?

  3. Not discussing instruments and realisation

    Client and developer may have different ideas about HOW to do the job. That is why it is important to talk about instruments and realisation (i.e. using themes or custom development, or platforms such as Magento / WooCommerce).

  4. Rough or no deadlines

    When setting the due dates, it is crucial to consider revisions, corrections, and leave room for force major.

  5. No communication rules & procedures

    This includes interim reports, revisions in the process, timing when everyone is available for chat or call.

  6. No responsible persons

    Everyone needs to understand who is responsible and accountable from both sides. On the performer side, this could be the developer himself or the Project Manager. On the client-side, it often creates problems when one person sets the tasks, another revises them and then there is a boss who can reject the whole thing.

  7. No criteria for evaluating the result

    It is vital to either set the KPIs or Definition of Done so that everyone knows how the success looks like.

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