To Work Or Not To Work

The Weekend dilemma or 3 tips on how to enjoy the Weekend.

It's Saturday. You are scrolling the feed slowly sipping your morning coffee. Your family is around and you have friends coming for dinner. Christmas is almost here. You can already smell the holiday mood and see the excitement on kids' faces. The whole day is ahead of you. It will be filled with movies, hobbies, laughs, and rest.

Or won't it?

That's right! You have planned to finish the urgent project this weekend. And there are tons of unread messages in your messengers. And it would be good to start on the new client project...

Which of those stories remind you of the weekend that lays ahead of you?

Yeah, we all have heard how important it is to rest. And that 7-day work week will result in burnout. But this all sounds very theoretical. And when we come back to earth, there are those emails and deadlines and plans.

How can you get out of the hamster wheel and stop working for 2 whole days? If you are asking yourself this question every Saturday, then here are 3 useful tips that help Etcetera freelancers stay efficient, motivated and happy.

  1. Write down your tasks. We know this tip is as old as the world. But if you do it, you will see that it actually works. Take a few minutes to sit, plan and prioritize on daily basis. Write everything you need to do and clear your head for the weekend. This way all those unfinished tasks will not be hanging over your head and spoil the weekend. Remember, that flexible to do lists are better because you can rearrange tasks when something unexpected pops up. It is easy to do so in Google Calendar, for instance.
  2. Make plans. If you are stuck doing nothing all weekend, your hands will open the laptop eventually. So, make sure you have something exciting planned for the weekend and you will get the most out of it.
  3. Get rid of the “temptation”. Those messages are just asking to be opened when they pop up on your smartphone. If you do not see them, it would be much easier to ignore them. In fact, some companies even forbid their employees to open emails outside working hours. You can just log out of the work account or turn off notifications. Just do not forget to turn the notifications back on when the working hours start and you are expected to be online!

We hope these tips will help you have the weekend, described in the beginning. Remember, that having good rest will boost your effectiveness during the week.

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