Upwork Academy

Did you know about Upwork Academy with courses designed to help freelancers succeed on the platform? They recently added 6 more courses. All of them are free and on-demand, so you can take those that you like at any time.

Upwork Academy fully launches in June. So, the link to access Upwork Academy is on an invite-only basis while it’s in beta. We’ve made a short overview of what’s available on the learning space already.

All Upwork Academy courses are grouped in four topics:

1. Your Profile.

This section has basic knowledge courses for beginners of Upwork:

2. Finding Work.

The second section may help those who are struggling to find new clients. If you keep sending out proposals without getting any response, check out one of these two courses:

  • Finding Work. Discover how you can find work on Upwork and learn about what you should look for.

  • Submitting Proposals. Learn about some proposal writing best practices that may lead you to successfully landing jobs

3. Working on Upwork

This section will help you understand Upwork rules and terms better.

  • Working with Clients. Learn about some best practices for communicating with clients and making a lasting impression.

  • Work Contracts. Learn about the different contract types on Upwork.

  • Getting Paid. Understand how to get paid for the work you do on Upwork.

  • Work Diary. Understand how to use the Upwork Work Diary feature.

4. Growing on Upwork

The last section has only one course which will help you scale your career on the platform.

  • Badges & Achievements. Understand the different badge levels and achievements you can strive toward on Upwork.

After completing a course, you’ll have the option to sign-up for group coaching and work directly with Upwork Coaches if that’s something you are interested in. You can also leave Upwork your feedback about the Academy in this Google form.

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