Working Like a Dog?

Today is Your Day!

"Working like a dog" means working on something very hard without taking any breaks. The saying originates from sled dogs and sheepdogs who work from dawn till dusk.

Does putting extra effort at work sound relatable? Then August 5 is your day to celebrate!

Although we always stress the importance of life/work balance, working hard deserves admiration and praise! If you are one of those people, who are capable of putting a concentrated effort to earn outstanding results, you have to be proud of yourself and your work.

Remember the Japanese Work Culture? Leaving beside the fact that they have a special word 'karoshi' translating as ‘death by overwork’, we have to admit their amazing achievements. Japanese perseverance and capability to work more than anyone else has rapidly made them one of the most technically advanced nations.

So, today we want to congratulate and honor those who work like a dog, reaching higher and higher results every day. Is this you? Leave an emoji in the comments and let's form a like-minded community to celebrate this day together.

We want to salute our agency biggest hard-workers too:

  • Denys Svyrydov – 448 hours worked last quarter

  • Petro Shevtsiv – 352 hours worked.

  • Denis Podtykan – 340 hours.

Good job, guys! Keep on the great work.

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