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Arena Data Consulting partnered with Etcetera agency several years ago. It was a pleasure for us to help them grow over all these years, develop and adjust their corporate style & design according to the company's goals.

ADC focuses on expert assistance and analysis in connection with the digital channel and web analytics/marketing. Their target audience includes all types of online businesses. So, they wanted to reach them across many channels. That is why they needed more than just a regular freelancer to design a landing page. ADC struggled to find a reliable partner who would be able to help them deliver the right message and communicate their company value well. And this is exactly what Etcetera has become.

We were able to satisfy all the client's design needs, including:

  • Creating corporate style guidelines, memorable logo, and unique identity.
  • Designing a user-friendly, engaging landing page.
  • Implementing redesign of the website when the client’s company was ready to move to another level.
  • Producing many pieces of infographics, article illustrations, as well as email and icon design.

Do you believe a freelancer can become a true partner?


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Michael Fongen, Norway

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