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We are proud to announce that the Etcetera website is now live!

The website is the next logical step of the agency rebranding, that we've all been waiting for. A few months ago we updated our logo, and now we are launching a site where we can show our best expertise without any limitations from other platforms.

Etcetera is constantly growing. We are now a bigger team with more clients and higher-level projects. So, we would like to share this valuable experience with the world on our site. On, you will find many cases, information about our values, goals, team, and blog posts.

This website is a result of wonderful cooperation within our team:

  • Our founder Denys was the leader of the process, setting the direction and providing his valuable advice;
  • Head of New Bizz Development Kristina invested her time to add strategic information about the agency, its goals and values;
  • Our designer Slava came up with a stylish appealing design for the website, that represents the brand identity he earlier created;
  • Developer Nazar made the website fast and efficient, implementing the design, and creating custom templates with Elementor;
  • Copywriter Liubov contributed content to the new website.

The case of creating our website is an excellent representation of Etcetera core values. We all showed great communication to avoid problems and solve bottlenecks. Everyone took their tasks with personal responsibility and showed their best expertise. It results in a sleek, modern website, that portrays our agency's competence, professionalism, and serves as a valuable source of information for all our partners.


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