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Do you agree with the saying that it's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times?

While a new recent social media is trying to challenge this saying, it is still particularly true for motion graphics. Motion is an excellent tool to attract your customers' attention and create a memorable impression about a brand.

Let us tell you how we work on Motion Graphics Design in Etcetera:

  1. Everything starts with a client’s idea. This idea is why the client wants Motion Graphics, what it should express, and for what audience.

  2. The next step is for the illustrator to make visuals based on that idea. Then the illustrators send them to the motion designer.

  3. Now comes an essential part – script. To start working on Motion Design, the clients should have a rough script in mind (or better in writing). The designer then works together with the client to work out all the minor details of the script. Sometimes, it turns out that the client wants to tell more that can fit into the motion length. So, this is when we conform the initial idea with realistic implementation.

  4. The next step is the actual creation of the motion design. Our skilled and detailed oriented designer takes the illustrations and makes them alive. The end goal of any motion graphics design is to take the client’s idea and show it in a way, easily understandable and pleasant for the user.

Today we would like to present to you a Motion Design case created by our agency freelancer. What do you think?


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"Denys worked very carefully to the deadline on this job and created a video that was really similar to my brief. We were specifically trying to make something that worked on a projector and it suited this very well."

Alexander Darby, UK

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