Full-stack Development for CRM

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The hard job of back-end developers often goes unnoticed. Because if they’ve done their part well - everything works seamlessly and users don’t even know how many tasks, how much code, and how many unique solutions are hidden behind the pretty front facade. That’s why today we’d like to describe a case of full stack development for a CRM functionality to show you how important back-end can be.

A bit about the project

Offix is an Israeli company that provides a flexible office booking system. They asked Etcetera to build a calculator for the cost of the booking and a convenient calendar. We decided our full stack developer Ivan was the perfect expert for the job.

The process of development for CRM

  1. Ivan improved an existing calculator plugin with custom code to make the functionality flexible enough for the client’s needs.

  2. The next step in the booking is payment. The customer gets to the page where they enter the data required for payment. Ivan ensured that the entered data is tied in the back end to the personal account and clients automatically receive an email with information for entering the personal account.

  3. After that, the customer gets to the payment provider’s page, where he enters the card data and makes the payment. Ivan also connected the payment provider with a custom code without plugins.

  4. The last step was to create a calendar for the clients to conveniently view their bookings either by day, week, or month. They can make new bookings right from the calendar. It also lets managers see bookings and customer information to coordinate the system.

  5. This project’s most challenging and exciting task was creating a mobile version for each system part. The WordPress plugins were utterly powerless in mobile versions, so Ivan had to rewrite their functionality. One of the unique solutions was to use register-transfer level (RTL) technology in calendar development.

The booking system is now flexible and automated enough to simultaneously embody all the flexibility offered by Offix and simplify the booking process for customers as much as possible, thanks to a logical and consistent structure on the back end and a user friendly interface. Also, it is now possible to book an office from any device without any restrictions on functionality.


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