For Freelancers:

Alternative Marketplaces with Great Prospects

We often share tips and experiences of working on Upwork. It is a huge and popular marketplace with high competition and professionals who have been there for 9+ years, for example our agency Etcetera. Today we will tell about alternative marketplaces with great prospects.

Conquering such a peak as Upwork can be quite difficult and take a long time, so in this article we will talk about 5 alternative freelance marketplaces that are less popular than Upwork, but are growing quickly, and by entering them now you can take a hot seat.

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a free directory that connects freelancers of all specialties with businesses. It does not charge any fees, making it a cost-effective option for both freelancers and employers.

It is important to note that the lack of commission on Hubstaff Talent does not reduce the quality of the platform. On this platform, no additional costs are required for the collaboration of freelancers and specialists. This is different from Upwork and is suitable for newcomers who do not have enough budget for Upwork.


Communo focuses exclusively on marketing and creative services. It allows users to find narrow experts in fields.

Communo works on a membership model. Professionals must join the platform to gain access to its features and services. The community aspect supports interaction and knowledge sharing among participants. That is, the work model resembles Upwork, but the competition is much lower.


This freelance marketplace is relatively young — it was opened in 2020. But statistics shows, it has more than 339,000+ completed projects and 98,000+ registered customers.

Service Scape can be useful for a wide range of freelancers, especially those offering services in editing, content writing, translation, design and other related fields.

Currently, the competition is relatively low, while the platform is quite reliable, because it provides secure payments and data protection for both freelancers and clients, which allows you to work and communicate with each other.


Credo - unlike general freelance platforms, Credo is dedicated exclusively to digital marketing services. This specialization allows businesses to find expert help in areas such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing and more.

The selection of experts at Credo takes place individually, taking into account the needs of each customer. This personalized approach can ensure that companies find partners that match their needs quickly and efficiently.

This platform is ideal for you if you are a niche marketer and want to find more customers.


Design Hill offers customers two main ways to order a design. Clients can organize a competition where several designers compete to create the best design for a set price, or they can choose a "one-on-one project" where they work with only one specific designer.

This platform is especially suitable for you if you are new to design, as experienced designers are not willing to spend their time on competitive entries, which reduces the competition on this platform.

But if you still decide to conquer the heights of Upwork, then try to start your journey by working in an agency. This will give you the push and experience you need. Follow our social networks where we share relevant and useful information for freelancers, such as "What are the important components of a successful design portfolio?" or "Soft Skills in Freelance: How to stand out from the competition"

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