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Web Design & ​WordPress Development

WordPress development case

A few months ago a client came to us in need of a website for their start-up. It’s called Best Digital Banks. You might think it bold to claim to be best in the company name?

Well, after we learned more about their dedication to letting people access all honest information about the best banks in one place, we thought it was really a great and valuable idea. So, we took on a task to create the best website for Best Digital Banks.

The first step was to pick a team: designer Andrew, developer Sergey, and project manager Elen were a perfect fit for the work scope because of their expertise and experience with similar projects.

The client wanted a simple, lightweight, and performant website making it easy to refer clients to the digital banks across 5 countries in Europe.

Web Design

Andrew, the designer, started by researching the user flow. Then he created wireframes, a sitemap, and a prototype. Later he developed the visual design and proceeded to test hypotheses based on the target audience experience. The final touches were animating UI elements and transitions. Andrew also helped to control the final result, so that the outcome looked exactly as nice as his designs.

WordPress Development

Sergey, the developer, created a custom adaptive theme for WordPress, using "Advanced Custom fields", Custom Post Types, and custom taxonomies. Thanks to all this, the website got a consistent 95+ Google PageSpeed Insights score, which is wonderful both for SEO performance, and the user experience.

Project Management

Elen, the manager, made sure that we achieved those remarkable results within the set timeline, coordinating the process between the freelancers and the client. She also kept consistent communication with the client because it was important for them to get regular updates about the progress of work.


дизайн & wordpress розробка скіли

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"Working with Sergey was a great experience! He was quick to respond and very receptive to what we needed! The project ran very smoothly thanks to him. Great experience!"

Anna Panetta, Cyprus

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